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Intimate and traditional Indian destination wedding on Lake Orta

Indian Destination Wedding: a Hindu Marriage on Lake Orta

This is the story of the wedding of Nili and Karan, who chose INESSE Handmade Photography as photographer for their Indian wedding in Italy. They live in England, but they have Indian origins and for their colored and intimate celebration they chose the Hotel San Rocco, a very romantic location on Lake Orta.
The traditional Hindu wedding is characterized by colors, decorations, sumptuous jewels and the duration of the rituals. For a photographer, taking part of a wedding so colorful, festive and full of rituals is a continuous stimulus. The eye is constantly moving, therefore always careful to capture what can happen all around.
Lake Orta is the younger brother (but only for extension) of the nearby Lake Maggiore and Lake Como. It offers a very romantic atmosphere and is certainly one of the most suggestive destinations in the entire Italian lake district. Hotel San Rocco is located in the small village of Orta San Giulio; as a backdrop to the ceremony and reception, there is the small island that bears the same name, a jewel that stands out on this wonderful body of water.

Wedding Tale: Nili & Karan

The day of the wedding, the ceremony began very early in the morning. Karan, together with his closest relatives, went to the small harbor of the village, then reached the hotel directly with a boat crossing the lake. A dhol player was waiting for the groom and his family and he accompanied the group from the boat to the location of the ceremony dancing in time with the music.
During the entrance of Nili, the bride’s family greeted Karan’s family by offering traditional sweets, as a symbol of happiness and all the good things to come. The ceremony was celebrated under the Mandap, a traditioinal flower decorated structure, generally covered on top and opened on the sides to indicate that guests are welcomed in their new home. With a mutual approval Nili and Karan garlanded each other as a symbol of their vows and promises.

The traditional Indian elements are present during the whole ceremony until the worshipping of sacred fire: newlyweds circled around the fire for four times and made seven steps together as a symbol of: mutual support; mental, physical and spiritual strength; sharing of own possessions; knowledge, happiness and peace; numerous descendants; food support and with the last step they always promise to remain friends and cherish each other.

Nili and Karan’s destination wedding continued with a delicious meal with typical food of the Indian culture. Colors and different tastes of India were the protagonist also for this familiar moment.

Wedding Planner: Dama Wedding whom we thank for the collaboration in the composition of the article

Location of ceremony and reception: Hotel San Rocco

Hair: Marta Buzio

Make-up: Giada Pinato Make-up

Hindu Wedding: couples shooting, dinner and party

In the late afternoon, bride and groom changed their clothes, and together with them we got on an elegant wooden motorboat that was waiting for us at the hotel’s private dock. Looking at the scenery from the boat, you can see how nature is the keen, but the delicacy of the architecture of the buildings that rise on the island and on the shores of the lake contribute to enrich the context, giving it an indisputable value.
Once docked at the small pier in Piazza Motta, we walked Via Olina, a pedestrian street that running parallel to the shores of the lake, offers arcades, views and small alleys where it’s impossible to not stop by for some couples images.
Friends and relatives waited for the newlyweds on the hotel terrace for a welcome drink. The evening continued with a dinner on the lawn, always overlooking the lake, and then ended as it began with the rhythm of dancing, music and smiles.

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