Wedding Albums and Photobooks

We believe that a printed photograph has a unique and limitless value. We believe that you should be able to hold the photographs of your wedding day in your hands and admire them up close.

Wedding photo album

The wedding photo album with INESSE Studio places craftsmanship at your service. A meticulous selection of materials capable of packaging your memories into authentic design products to be enjoyed in your home or gifted to friends and family as precious items. Every step of the printing process is personally attended to. Attention to detail, the choice of materials, the selection of images. All of this happens together with you, who will be the ones to give the final approval under the guidance of our expertise. Our motto, “Handmade,” also represents the uniqueness of the experience lived by our clients, the true creators of their memories, in order to enhance their wedding photography service to the fullest!

Modern style

The classic album will never fade, leaf through your precious moments in many modern shades

Fine Art

Techniques and materials that guarantee quality and durability over time


An elegant, transparent case to take care of your prints at home...


Whether an album or a photobook, the warmth of wood is priceless…


The traditional album will never fade; hold those beautiful memories in your hands…

These albums have been individually handcrafted using unusual, innovative materials.

Steel sheets and plexiglass, wooden slats, leather, French fabrics and wool all make original covers with clean lines to keep your photographs safe and show them off.


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An original, high quality solution!

Two different options in contemporary designs.

The Fine Art Book and the Traditional Book: so similar and yet so different!

Each with its own unmistakable feel, but both having a wide selection of options of exceptional quality as you would expect from all things Made in Italy.


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Classic album and glass case with pass-partout



We’ll find the best option for your photos