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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Question

Which areas of Italy do you cover?

We cover the whole of Italy, our studio is based in Rome but we are available to travel throughout our beautiful peninsula and beyond, we have recently covered events in Tuscany, Sicily, Abruzzo, Trentino Alto Adige etc.

Are you willing to travel abroad?

Yes, absolutely.

Can we meet you before we book?

Of course, We think that it is essential for us to meet beforehand, whether via Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp and Hangouts or in our studio.

What are your prices?

The approximate cost of our packages starts from €1.500 whereas for shorter ceremonies. In special cases we can set an hourly rate. These prices may increase according to the number of technicians involved or if additional services are requested. The total number of technicians depends on the services required. In general, each quote is different as each one depends on the couple’s requirements. Our “Handmade” philosophy means that we tailor our services to suit each individual occasion.

How long should we expect to wait before we can see the photos?

You will receive the first few photos straightaway as a preview to share with friends and family. You should have all of them within 30 and 60 days of the wedding, the video usually takes longer depending on when you confirm which audio tracks you wish to use.

Which style of photography do you use?

Our style is reportage photography (also known as documentary photography), we like to experience your big day with you, we try to capture the spontaneity of each event, your emotions, laughter, tears and all those special moments that make your wedding day unique. The ambience, the setting and everything else that you have chosen for your big day, nothing will escape our lenses, as long as it is practicable.

Discretion, elegance and professionalism are at the heart of what we do, we believe that it is crucial not to intrude on your day, but to be as discrete as possible whilst making sure we get the best shots for you.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use the best equipment available, we are always up to date with the latest technology on the market and it is important to us to have the best cameras, lenses, lighting and everything else necessary to tell your story in its best light.

How far in advance do we need to book your services?

That’s not an easy question to answer. Of course, the earlier you book the more likely it is that we will be available. Our busiest times are the weekends in May, June, July and September.

Can we use our own printers to print our photos?

Yes, absolutely. We will be able to arrange good deals on high quality printing for you thanks to our professional and reliable printing contacts, but once we send you the files, you are free to have them printed wherever you like.

How many photographs will there be of our wedding?

There is no limit to the number of photographs that can be taken on a day of shooting. It all depends on you and what happens on the day; usually a whole day of photography will produce between 1000 and 2000 images.

How many kinds of video do you offer?

We can realize:

  • short and emotional trailer (3/5 minutes)
  • intermediate video (8/10 minutes)
  • long video (20/25 minutes).

It depends on your final package that we realized for you.

How many hours will you work at our event?

We can dedicate the whole day to you if you so wish, starting with you getting ready and ending with the dancing. The average duration of a complete photography service is about 9 hours.

Who will choose the photographs from post-production?

All of the photos will be checked and we will carry out post-production editing to optimise the files. The images that will eventually make up your album will be processed in more detail according to our printing process. (There are approximately 120/130 photos in the main album and 61 in the smaller albums for parents.)

Who will choose which photos to print for the album?

You can select about 250 shots from an online photo gallery that will be available for you to share will friends and relatives. We will make our selection from this photo gallery with your approval.