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INESSE è uno studio con base a Roma che lavora in tutta Italia, conosciuto come fotografo di matrimonio ma realizza anche servizi fotografici per eventi privati ed aziendali.
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Getting Married at Tenuta Ripolo, Rome

Cermony at Basilica di Sant'Elia and reception at Tenuta di Ripolo, close to Roma Do opposites attract? Perhaps it's not always the case. Michele and Diva are a brilliant and promising young couple joined by the same belief that only through cooperation and altruism tangible solutions can be achieved to make the world a better place. Their strong affinity has turned into the most beautiful happy ending: an unforgettable wedding celebrated close to Rome, at the Benedictine Basilica of Castel Sant'Elia, in the heart of Tuscia, Viterbo and a joyful...

Getting married in Rome: the churches to choose from for your italian wedding

THE 15 MOST BEAUTIFUL CHURCHES IN ROME THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE IF YOU ARE PLANNING YOUR WEDDINGIf you are thinking of getting married in Rome and you are looking for the perfect church for the day when you say "I do" then we propose you take a minute to peruse our suggestions. Whether you are coming to the Eternal City just for the occasion or this is the place where you were born and bred, you will know that Rome is an open air museum, its historical heritage...

Villa Miani, arrivo allìaperitivo

Wedding at Villa Miani, Rome

Wedding photographer and videographer at Villa Miani, Rome As is often the case when two people are meant for each other, it doesn't take much to create magic: and that is exactly what happened for these newlyweds who met at a dinner party at a mutual friend's house. Needless to say, since that first meeting Fabrizio and Carolina have been inseparable and they decided to crown their fairytale. With her sweet, radiant face and his determined gaze and broad shoulders, as all marines have, Fabrizio and Carolina chose two...