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Wedding Photographer Sardinia, civil ceremony on the beach

Wedding photographer in Sardinia, fabulous ceremony on the beach.

We’re in Sardinia, in a typical village in the Sardinian countryside where no one knows anyone else, the welcoming spirit is still struggling to emerge and the cuisine is also lacking.

NO..WAIT, I’m talking about the wrong place. Here in Berchidda, it’s another story altogether!

The welcome couldn’t have been warmer, as the day that Giovanna and Gabriele (Gio’ and Gabbo to their friends) chose for their wedding was one when the band was playing and women in typical Sardinian attire and grass baton twirlers were on the streets to celebrate the patron saints of the town.

“Guys, in the morning we’re going to the town hall, we’ll sign the register and then we’re off, there’s no need for you to come too”… said the couple to their friends who had travelled to Sardinia from around the world.

But things turned out differently…

And it couldn’t have gone any other way. All their friends were there, right from the start, to surround them with love.

After a long search with her mum and friends, Giovanna found her dress at the Atelier Bon Ton di Sora, while Gabbo had more luck; on his first trip to Salvatore Ferragamo in Rome he found just the suit for him.

The bride got ready at home in the centre of town. A typical wedding morning, or just about, because this time it was the bride who was kept waiting… by her bridesmaids.

Gabbo got ready in quiet contemplation… all on his own, in his tiny, cold house in the countryside…

When they were ready, the groom and all his friends hopped into the minibus. Giovanna and her family headed off towards the beach in a sky blue vintage van that had been customised for the occasion.

The ceremony took place on the beach, barefoot by the sea… just as they had dreamed of. Curious swimmers and passers-by gathered around, sunscreen, straw hats and the ceremony began…



The sun set beyond the sea, but it was still early September so the evening was warm. The air started to fizz in perfect harmony with the celebrations that were about to get underway.

We are on the Costa Corallina, the Hotel Hollastu will be the setting for the banquet and the dancing at Gio’ and Gabbo’s reception. A spacious and welcoming venue, thanks to the professionalism of Elena, the event coordinator and head pastry chef.

Giovanna’s input was invaluable in setting up the venue, her suggestions helped to really personalise the room, the buffet and all the other little details. Songs, folksongs, congas and toasts… and it’s time to start the dancing!

Gabbo, Gio’… huge congratulations from all of us at Inesse, and thanks again for choosing us!

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