Inesse fotografo matrimonio
INESSE è uno studio con base a Roma che lavora in tutta Italia, conosciuto come fotografo di matrimonio ma realizza anche servizi fotografici per eventi privati ed aziendali.
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Wedding Photographer Sardinia, civil ceremony on the beach

Wedding photographer in Sardinia, fabulous ceremony on the beach. We’re in Sardinia, in a typical village in the Sardinian countryside where no one knows anyone else, the welcoming spirit is still struggling to emerge and the cuisine is also lacking.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="12398,12399"]NO..WAIT, I’m talking about the wrong place. Here in Berchidda, it’s another story altogether!The welcome couldn’t have been warmer, as the day that Giovanna and Gabriele (Gio’ and Gabbo to their friends) chose for their wedding was one when the band was playing and women in typical...