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Passeggiata sposi orto botanico

Wedding at Tenuta di San Liberato, Lake Bracciano

It’s a very uncertain and crazy year, but some couples have decided nevertheless to get married and celebrate their wedding together with friends and relatives

This is Tenuta di San Liberato,a lovely location surrounded by enchanting natural scenery of Lake Bracciano and not far from Rome. Everything took place here, including the ceremony. While Stefania Romitelli of La Floreale was finishing embellishing the charming church, Fabio and Martina were getting ready in the small farmhouse inside the estate. Here the groom prepared together with his best men, laughing and facing with the inevitable troubles of putting the cuff links in the right position…emotion is in the game! The bride, who relied on Lucia Zarro MUA for the makeup and Sabrina Bellotti from Romacentro for the hairstyle, was surrounded by her family and her witnesses, to share those unforgettable moments together before wearing on the white dress, in this case tailored by Carnevali Spose.

The ceremony, intimate and exciting, took place in the wonderful little church well known for its altar raised above the central nave. Inside were present only a few closer friends, all the others guests attended outside thanks to the live screening.

For some couple photos, we toke the most of the original shooting possibilities that the botanical garden could offer. A path in the green where you can meet lush roses, Canadian maples, Japanese cherry trees and much more. There is also a very romantic gazebo covered with a dense wisteria weave in the middle of a pond dotted with water lilies and a very characteristic forest of bamboo.

International Catering delighted all guests with an excellent dinner inside the structure and offering the dessert buffet in the garden where the cutting of the cake and the final dance of the spouses took place, thanks to the songs played by Roma Eventi Musicali – dixi band.

Vista della struttura

Preparazione sposa

Preparazione sposo


Preparazione sposo con testimone

Preparazione sposa

Preparazione sposa specchi

Preparazione sposo con testimoni

Chiesa vuota e allestita


sposi in chiesa rito velatio

sposi in chiesa rito velatio

sposi in chiesa

sposi in chiesa baciamano

lancio del riso

lancio del riso

lancio del riso

Passeggiata sposi orto botanico

Passeggiata sposi orto botanico


Passeggiata sposi orto botanico


Passeggiata sposi orto botanico

Passeggiata sposi foresta bamboo

Passeggiata sposi orto botanico

Sala allestita

Vista giardino aperitivo

Thanks to:

Location: Tenuta di San Liberato

Catering: International Catering

Bridal dress: Carnevali Spose

Flower arrangement: La Floreale

Make up: Lucia Zarro MUA

Hair: Romacentro

Music: Roma Eventi Musicali

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