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Strolling around Rione Monti – Rome

Private Photographic City Tour

Between the iconic monument of the ancient Roman Empire, the Colosseum, and the symbolic place of the Italian republic, the Quirinale, there is a district forgotten for many years by tourists and by the Romans themselves: Rione Monti.
It is the first of the 7 districts of Rome and probably has a record of unique beauty because from the glimpses of its small streets you can see the remains of the monuments of ancient Rome in perspective. Close to the Imperial Forums, so that many of its buildings still have remains unearthed in their foundations, Monti offers an exclusive experience of the Romans’ life, a stone’s throw from the most visited tourist places.

Thanks to an exceptional guide, our photographer Stefano, born and raised in this historic district, you will be able to create an exclusive series of portraits of couples or families among fountains, stairways and terraces with unforgettable views of the Roman Forum. For art and goldsmithing lovers we will get to know goldsmiths, blacksmiths, ice cream makers and other artists who have always lived in this neighborhood making it one of the factories of Roman craftsmanship. During our walks we will have an excellent aperitif in the characteristic places and exchange a chat with the real Romans who live in the district, living an experience that will make your stay in Rome unforgettable.

What is included:

  • Single, couple or family shooting on the streets of the Rione Monti with access to little corners of the area explored by the Romans themselves
  • Experienced photographer, who grew up in the district and in addition to creating unique images for your memories, will tell you exclusive anecdotes of the places visited
  • VIP access to the terrace on the Roman Forum with welcome drink to have an exclusive memory of Rome
  • Meeting with goldsmiths, blacksmiths and local artisans to get to know Roman craftsmanship live, buy souvenirs and make unforgettable souvenir photos
  • Aperitif in the in Roman’s style to experience the unique atmosphere of the district in person

Info pratiche:

  • Tour duration: 1h or 2h tour depending on your preferences, bookable at various times of the day as needed
  • Delivery of 30 images for each hour of service in high and low resolution corrected in lights and colors
  • Customized kit with Canon professional equipment available to make your own photos and videos during the tour. You can take advantage of the experience of our photographer as a teacher to get useful information on how to best make your images

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