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Showreel Wedding Video

The best of wedding video realized by INESSE Handmade Photography®

Recently we had a lot of time to think. Who would have thought of such a strange year ahead..
But time has also helped us to look back at what we have done, such a long journey! The many couples who have entrusted us with their emotions and memories, people with whom we have and collaborated, and all the beautiful places we have been to: Rome, Tuscany, Puglia, the area of ​​the lakes and the Amalfi Coast, Venice, the Marche, Sicily, Liguria and Sardinia too!
An incredible adventure made possible by all the connections that we established along the way..
So.. we decided to collect all these memories into a video.
We will start shooting weddings again very soon, it will be different from the usual but with the maximum commitment, as always. We will continue to look out for smiles, hugs, tears and lots of fun. Because this is what we like, what we do and what we will endeavor to do with the same spirit of the first day we started!
Thanks to all, we continue to dream with you…

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