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Jewish wedding destination Rome

Jewish ceremony and reception hosted in Rome, at Villa Dino

Anthonie and Chirel live in the beautiful Paris and for the video of their Jewish wedding in Rome they choose us at INESSE Handmade Photography. The groom got ready at the Aroma lifestyle Hotel, while everything else from the preparation of the bride to the final party took place in the famous Villa Dino in Appia Antica street in Rome.

The bride’s getting ready, make-up, hairstyle and dress up, was held in the spacious and bright area overlooking the villa, the pleasant coming and going of her friends and relatives made this part of the story even more spontaneous, intimate and exciting.
The Jewish rite was performed following the tradition, from the wedding procession to the breaking of the glass by the groom. “Mazel Tov” .. and let the party begin!

Some pictures of the newlyweds alone on one of the oldest consular roads in the world followed by dinner and dancing out loud in perfect Jewish style. After the cake’s cut and the sweet buffet, the party moved to the internal room of the villa. The newlyweds changed their clothes and, according to original family tradition, made the entrance for the exchange of gifts by friends and relatives.

Location: Villa Dino

Fotografo: Framelines

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