Inesse fotografo matrimonio
INESSE è uno studio con base a Roma che lavora in tutta Italia, conosciuto come fotografo di matrimonio ma realizza anche servizi fotografici per eventi privati ed aziendali.
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Italian Wedding Photographer and Videographer

““The job that I do was born out of passion, and it has given me a great responsibility: to turn images into unrepeatable moments in time that become memories. Whether in photographs or videos, what I aim to do is render each moment that you have me by your side unique and discretely understand the best way to tell your story.”“

My name is Stefano Snaidero and I am the owner of the studio. Together with a group of expert colleagues I produce both the photographs and the film of your wedding. When we work as a team all of the technicians work under my supervision to give you a finished product that is in line with my directives and with the style that characterises me.

Stefano Snaidero was born in Venice in 1979. His passion for photography first started when he began to follow in the footsteps of the great reporters. He studied Reportage style photography completing a Masters in Photojournalism at the Superior Institute of Photography in Rome and he then started to work with well-known national newspapers and magazines.

Between 2004 and 2008 he was a photographer for the most prominent photojournalistic agencies in Italy and covered exclusive services for Ansa, Contrasto, Grazia Neri and Prospekt. From 2006 to 2007 he was an assistant to the photographer, Mimmo Jodice with whom he worked on the production of the book “Roma” which was edited by Johan & Levi.

He has worked in the field of wedding photography and video since 2003 having gained experience working with the most prominent photographic studios in Rome where he refined his technique which marries his ability to capture spontaneous moments in reportage style, with the elegance and exclusivity of fashion and celebrity shoots. He then founded the INESSE Handmade Photography® Studio which produces elegant, dynamic images of the highest quality in the distinctive reportage style.

Eliana D’Elia has a degree in Communication Sciences and Statistics and has worked in the marketing, retail and IT departments of a multinational corporation in the tourism sector. She attended a Master degree in Communication and web marketing (2017).
Her passion for photography together with her education led her to more in-depth studies in the digital communication and web marketing sector through a masters degree and private studies.

She currently collaborates as a photographer, assistant videographer and communications coordinator for INESSE Handmade Photography.


Giacomo Richichi was born and raised in Rome. From an early age he developed a growing passion for photography and technology. After studying languages he attended a number of photography courses at various schools in Rome and became particularly interested in reportage, sport and landscape photography.
He worked with an online publishing network as a web editor for four years from 2012, where he produced articles, photographs and reviews regarding photography and technology. At the same time he started working as an assistant for various wedding and portrait photographic studios until 2016 when he started working for INESSE Handmade Photography.
He currently works as a photographer and videographer and is also involved in editing and post production.

Camilla Cheade is Italian, but she was born and raised in Brazil, where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design and worked in television and for several advertising agencies. During her university studies she became interested in photography, so much so that she decided to make a career out of it. In Brazil she worked as a wedding, event and family portrait photographer before moving to Italy to continue her work here.

She has attended a number of photography courses in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Bahia and most recently a photojournalism course in Florence. Since then she has been involved in some group exhibitions in Tuscany and she now works with the INESSE Handmade Photography Team as a photographer.