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Food Photography & Still Life

Food Photography, to give value to your communication.

Hands up who’s never photographed a serving plate with a smartphone. When faced with a succulent culinary creation, the temptation to portray it is so strong! This is probably because, behind that dish, studies and research have been done passionately to create such beauty. A study that starts from the combination of flavors and certainly takes into account textures … and colours!

Making a photo of a serving dish perhaps means being able to remember it (or maybe even reproducing it?) knowing that within a few minutes that dish will be gone!

Now, in reviewing that photo, how many times have you had the same feeling as when you had the plate right in front of you? And it’s not just about the absence of fragrance, but also about a series of other elements, starting with the choices that were made when that dish was photographed.

Food photography requires experience, time and professionalism. As for the realization of the dish, there is also a study and work to be done for the photo shoot.

Whether you are a small pastry chef, a home cook or the chef of your restaurant, investing in professional food photography is one of the fundamental steps to better communicate your creativity and dedication.