Inesse fotografo matrimonio
INESSE è uno studio con base a Roma che lavora in tutta Italia, conosciuto come fotografo di matrimonio ma realizza anche servizi fotografici per eventi privati ed aziendali.
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Wedding Photographer Lecce, Apulia, Villa Zaira

Wedding photographer in Lecce, Apulia. Reception at Villa Zaira We are in Lecce, Apulia, the cradle of the Baroque style, a real open-air theater. In the heart of the historic center, among the evocative streets twisted and full of charm, the most elegant living room of the city was born: Piazza del Duomo. Here, Luigi and Maria Teresa have chosen to celebrate their wedding, surrounded by the affection of relatives and friends and the curious eye of the tourists who visited the cathedral. They have chosen us of INESSE...