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Family Outdoor Photo in the Park

Family Outdoor photo shoot to keep memories of the best moments spent with your beloved ones.

How many times have you delved into the old photographic boxes, hidden in the family home closet, in search of your childhood memories?

Don’t you think that your children may have the same need when they grow up as adults? These days we tend to hand over our memories to the hundreds shots that we take almost every day with our smart phones and that we hardly end up printing, either for lack of time or because the intended effect is different from the desired one.

There are some unique moments in the everyday life of a family that should never be forgotten: experiences, sensations and emotions that will always stay with you. A walk in the park or by the sea, a photo shooting session in our studio can turn into unforgettable experiences, moments of happiness to live with the people you love most. Our job is to make sure that you can relate and recall these moments anytime in your future.

Entrusting the creation of family portraits to a professional means making a choice that gives value to your memories. This is what Stefania, Marco and their little Claudia and Miriam did on a pleasant day in late September.

Pictures by Marika Tombolillo


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